Shithead Rules

Shithead also known as Shed, Idiot or Palace is a simple card game for two to six players. This game was first documented by David Parlett in 1994. Since then it has become a popular game all over the world. In this game, the last player to get rid of his cards is called as a “Shithead”. The loser or the Shithead then has to do some minor forfeit like wearing a cap with the name Shithead on it or has to make tea for the other players. The first person who gets rid of all his cards is the winner.

So, the main aim of the players in this game is to get rid of all their cards as soon as possible. Though there are many variations in this game, some of the common rules to play this game are mentioned in this article. This game requires one well shuffled deck of 52 cards. Jokers can also be included in the game. Each player is dealt three cards facing down in a row. The players are not allowed to see these cards. They are then dealt with three more cards with face up. The rest of the cards are then dealt equally among all the players. The player who holds the lowest card in his hand will get a chance to start the game. In case there is more than one person having lowest digit card then the one who first calls for will start with the game. Each player has to then lay a card which is higher in value than the one before. Then he has to take a card out of the remaining deck so that he has at least three cards in his hands. When the player gets rid of all his cards and there is no more cards left in the deck, he can proceed to play with the three face up cards. Until the player gets a chance to beat the highest card, he has to keep on picking up the cards. So, the number of cards which he has to get rid off keeps increasing.

Some cards are said to be special and so they even have some different rules to follow. Though these rules too can differ as and when there is any variation in the game.

Reverse card: The standard rule of the pile is reversed if a player gets a 9 card. This means that the next player has to lay a lower or another 9 card on their turn.

Burn Cards: Burn cards or nuke cards are those cards which include 4 of same kind. The player who gets burn cards and lays them in the game can play once more i.e. he will get one more chance to play. These cards can remove the existing pile completely and can beat any cards.

Restart Card: The restart card is the 2 card which can bring the pile back to the bottom and then the next player has to lay card which is higher than 2. This is usually done to remove high cards out of play.

Mirror card: 8 card is to be known as the mirror card as whichever card is below 8, the next player has to beat that card.

Pick up card: “J” is to be known as the pick up card. If a J is played then the next player has to pick up the pile. The only way to pass on the picking up of the pile to the next player is by laying a J on top of the first J.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these simple rules and start playing!

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